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Questions and Answers

What can you use for?

At we give you the best overview of “Almost” all Jatak offers in Denmark.

How do I make use of the offers?

You make use of the offers by pressing the buy button. When you have clicked, we forward you to the specific offer at the specific store. Here you can either buy or order the Jatak offer.

Who handles the payment?

It is always the specific store that is responsible for the payment.

How do I complain about a defective product?

You contact the store that was responsible for your payment.

What do I do if the store does not have the item or the price is incorrect? has no responsibility for whether the specific store has the product or whether the price listed is correct. This responsibility falls on the specific store.

How do you process my personal information?

We do not process personal information about you. If you choose to enter your location so that you can sort by offers near you, we save your choices in a cookie in your browser. However, you can easily delete this cookie yourself by pressing “delete all cookies” in your browser.